5 Effective Career Change Ideas

September 7, 2014

Many people contemplate changing careers due to dissatisfaction with their current fields. A career change comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. While it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you are doing what you actually want, you can face a number of obstacles or difficulties to get into that new profession. These difficulties include getting training in the new field and getting low income since you are not experienced in the new field. But having some career change ideas can help you sail smoothly from your old field to a new one.

Figure out your skills

If you are contemplating changing your career, first you need to assess the skills you currently have, that may be useful in your new profession. Make a list of all the behavioral, communication, technical, analytical and corporate skills that you possess and determine if they can help you excel in your new career. Such skills are called transferable skills.

Identify your preferred field

Once you figure out all of your skills and capabilities, think about the field you would be in if you were not in your present field. What is your secondary career option? If you want a career change because you are dissatisfied with your current field, consider a career path that would give you maximum job satisfaction. If you want to get into a new career due to low salary and less development prospects, you can think of a profession which is in high demand with good remuneration.

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Research how to get into the new profession

Once you find out which profession you want get into, do a thorough research to determine methods and ways of getting into that given field. List all the fundamental requirements that the new career needs. Determine if your present skills and capabilities may be required in your new profession. Attend job fairs, career counselling seminars and career education. If there is need of acquiring more skills, determine the trainings and certifications required. Register for such training, certification or degree and perform well.

Gain experience

Acquiring some experience in your prospective field is the best way to know if you would enjoy working in that new field. While performing tasks in your present job, try to do those that are related to the new career you plan to shift to. You can even look for part-time jobs to get some knowledge and experience about the new profession.

Be flexible

If you have decided to change to a new career, it is important to be open and flexible for the transition process. You would definitely need to work hard to get into a new career. Don’t set your mind only on your dream job, but also take note of other careers related to the job, even if it is a lower position in the company.

Remember that the key to successful career change is to be flexible to handle any possible situations that may come before the change. Moreover, you need to keep honing and advancing your skills so that you can handle challenges easily.