Career Transition Assistance Plan

February 20, 2015

Career transitions usually take place when a person who has worked in a particular field for a long time decides to look for a job in an entirely different area. The transition may also be made necessary if an employee’s current position in an organization is considered redundant.

It is important to note that promotions within an organization can also be recognized as career transitions. An employee may experience both anxiety and excitement when they are promoted. They may feel isolated and doubt if they can handle the new responsibilities. A career transition assistance plan can be helpful because it will allow an employee to work on their performance anxiety. The plan can also assist them to reorganize their life to accommodate their new position. Human resource personnel and hiring managers should have a career transition assistance plan to help employees to move from one area of expertise to another.

Career transitions have become common especially with the difficult economic situation globally. Employees need coaching to help them identify potential alternatives and boost their chances of succeeding throughout the transition.

Every organization should have a career transition assistance plan in place to assist individuals who may find it difficult to choose suitable roles when they move to a different field. It can be challenging for an employee to determine if they should apply for a managerial, mid-range or entry-level position in the new field. With appropriate coaching from HR personnel, employees can identify jobs that are suitable for their skills and knowledge. Coaching can prevent employees from applying for jobs that are either too advanced or basic compared to their current level.

A career transition assistance plan also comes in handy for employees who have not gone through an interview process for many years. Some employees may have worked in an organization for several years moving through the ranks and they have never had to interview for a position since they were employed. Qualifications are important when applying for a new position but if an employee does not interview well, they are less likely to get the position they want. This makes it necessary to prepare individuals who are transitioning to handle interviews. Coaching is necessary to help the employees predict the kind of questions that may be asked during an interview. A hiring manager can also assist the employee to come up with questions to ask their potential employer. Improving on interview skills is necessary for employees who are joining a different career field.

Some individuals may actually want to switch careers but they have no idea where to start. A career transition assistance plan is essential in such situations. An employee may have attained success in their career but they may not be getting the kind of fulfillment they desire. In such cases, HR personnel can assist them to transition from one field to another to allow them to feel more fulfilled. An organization that has a career transition assistance plan can help employees who feel that they should be doing something different in their professional life but they need some direction to find out exactly what it is.