A Step-By-Step Plan For Changing Careers To Something You Love

August 24, 2014

Do you realize that you need a career change, but confused about the best way to go about it? Are you even more confused which industry or field you would fit in?

To answer these questions, this article discusses a 5-step process for changing careers that has been developed by studying different strategies adopted by successful career changers. If you want to enjoy your new work and be successful with it, these five steps (along with a little inner shifting) are more or less essential. This 5- step process for changing careers is aimed at helping you avoid pain, suffering and regret that is usually callused by wrong moves.

Self-Analysis For an Empowered Perspective

Because you are currently in a job that you don’t like, chances of the next job turning out to be a bitter one are high. So, you need to understand yourself deeply than you do. Your present job might have impressed an idea about the minute list of things you would die to work for. You need to analyze what makes you think of switching career. Think about your priorities, style, preferences and ideals.

Thousands of people around you would be figuring out answers to the same questions. They simply don’t understand what really they want. As a result, years are spent under the shade of a regular paycheck, providing a silly sense of “security”.

Take a look at your life from different angles and find out what else you have learned other than the current skills you are indulged in. This might help you understand what you are capable of.

Abandon Factors That Keep You Stuck

Anyone looking toward changing careers will have doubts, fears, misgivings. Those are what keep each of us back from making any progress. You will need to abandon such thoughts because they are what keep you stuck and prevent success in your new career. Let go. Abandon and flow with events. Sometimes, quitting a regularly paying job makes you feel more insecure than the zeal of doing what you love. Let go of such thinking and related behaviors that block you from having success in your professional life.

Find out negative patterns in your life such as toxic work environment, terrible boss, back stabbing colleagues etc. Try to figure out how hard you are trying to sustain these patterns. Now, be accountable to yourself and take some concrete actions towards changing careers.

Adapt With Your Compelling Visions

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of a career change. You need a vision for the next job, field or industry you are about to work for. So, you need to choose “the vision”, not “a vision”. Break your vision in to smaller targets (achievements or goals) and proceed. You need to remember, success is the only way-out left for you, because you just dumped the job you were established with.

Explore Your Vision

Once you have crossed the previous three steps, there is no looking back. You need to explore your new work field from every possible aspect. Review your financial plans and goals in the new career regularly to avoid financial breakdowns.

Be patient

Finally, you must realize that it’s not a one month process to jump from A to Z. The process of determining directions which would align with your values, needs and vision – needs time, patience, energy, commitment and trust.

One can be successful in changing careers only if he or she is ready to do the work. Those who fantasize about it never pass through the starting gate.

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