Three Easy And Quick Team Building Activities

December 10, 2014

A team-oriented environment significantly contributes to the success of any organization. When employees are made to work in a team with their fellow workmates in the same department, immense outcomes can be realized very fast. When they are unified, empowered and given responsibility, continuous improvement can be gained. Team building has been recognized globally as the liberating approach that can make an organization flourish. An effective team building must, however, be accompanied by activities specifically designed to make employees more comfortable and trusting of each other.

Good team building activities must be created to help employees take off their professional mindset and give them some fun experience, yet help them build essential workplace skills in a unique and engaging approach. So, discussed below are three quick and easy team building activities that can make employees feel more positive and confident at work while also developing and enhancing their business potential. Read on.

Roller Coaster

Roller coaster is an indoor activity used to help enhance personal coordination among employees. The activity involves building a roller coaster track by the team members. The main challenge during the activity is for the team to construct a roller coaster track along which a football must travel to the other end by gravity alone. The team is actually given a limited time to do so. Roller Coaster is a fun training game requires a lot of corporation, trust, teamwork, creativity, planning, communication and effective listening skills.

The Coin Logo is an effective team building activity that begins by asking all the participants to place all the coins they have on a table inform of them. Those who don’t have or have very few can share with those who have quite a number. Each participant is then required to use his coins to create a personal logo in strictly 60 seconds. They are allowed to use other materials such as wallets, purses, pens and notebooks to help them create the logos. A large group of participants can, however, be split into teams of 3 to 5 members and instructed to create a single logo representing them as a team. Each participant or the leader of a group then tells other participants about their logo. The activity promotes self and mutual awareness. It also enables participants to know one another on a more personal level.

The Great Egg Drop

This activity is a little messy, but very classic. It is an engaging and problem solving activity where the participants are split into two or three large groups. Each group is then asked to build an egg package that can sustain an 8 ft. drop. Each group is supplied with a variety of tools to use. The groups are then asked to present a 30-seconds advert each for their packages. In the advert, they are required to highlight how unique the packages are and how they work. The activity ends with each group dropping their egg using their packages to see if it really works. Great Egg Drop is used to teach teammates the importance of working together and communication. Its main aim is to bring the team together with two common goals: successfully creating an egg package and winning the egg drop.

These aren’t the only team building activities available. Depending on your organization and its goals, there may be more relevant activities. Working with a coach to help teams be more effective communicators may provide you with insight into how to best leverage your organization’s most potent force-its human potential-and be more capable of enjoying the numerous benefits of what team building offers.