Interview Questions and Answers to Get You Hired Today

January 16, 2015

The manner in which you respond to questions asked during the interview will determine if you will be hired or not. Employers are very keen and specific on the kind of qualities they look for in new staff members hence it is very important that you give the right answers. Here are some interview questions and answers to help you out next time you go for an interview.

What’s your passion?

This one always gets candidates off guard as it’s unexpected and weird to most people. In fact, some assume that interviewers want to know their leisure activities. If you come across this question, always give an answer that is interesting and not necessarily related to the job you applied for. For example, if you love studying about healthy, go ahead and say that you recently joined a local gym facility to stay fit and promote your overall health. Such details will show that you are a well rounded person who is not only focused on work related issues.

How do we know that you will not quit?

This is another tricky question especially if you have transition from several companies in the last one year or less. Don’t give dramatic answers that pain a negative image to the panel. For example, explain that you were looking for new challenging working environment that best utilizes your skills and capabilities. Also, say that you have come to realize the benefits of working in a stable environment and the sense of accomplishment that it offers.

What makes you different from other candidates?

Most recruiters ask this question at the middle or tail end of the interview. This is not an opportunity to attack or criticize character and behaviors of other candidates at the venue. Also, you should not compare yourself negatively to them. The wisest response should detail your special skills and experience in various fields. You can also use your academic qualifications to answer this question if you know what they are looking for. For example, Journals, articles, books written as well as prizes won can all work to your advantage.

How would you handle a research project?

It is very clear that this question is trying to gauge your ability to plan ahead and act now. Nowadays, most companies design and carry out research projects on various geographical locations in a bid to understand specific needs of their customers. Good research and data analytical skills will earn you more points. Of course, you shouldn’t underestimate yourself hence go ahead and give a realistic research plan. You can also give details of current projects that you are handling or planning to initiate to show that you are a hard-working person.

Propose any improvements/changes that should be made in our organizations?

First, you need to articulate your past experience as a manager or administrator in a project or previous workplace. Information on how the company’s work ethics and protocols can help you come up with a credible answer. For example, give a contribution or innovation which if implemented can help the company grow to its full potential.

Professional career coach can help you prepare for interview hence do not hesitate to hire one. All the best in your upcoming interviews.