Top 5 Job Interview Questions that You Should Be Prepared to Answer

January 30, 2015

How to respond to job interview questions? This is one of the most common huddles among job candidates when invited for an interview. Here are some tips on how to respond to various questions during interview.

#5 - What kind of employees do you dislike working with?

This is one of the hardest questions as you don’t have a clue on the personality of the people you will be working with if hired. Thinking about all the past colleagues whose behaviors were unacceptable to you can you hours. To be on the safe side say that you are a hard-working and versatile person who can work with all people cordially no matter their background and personal behaviors. This will definitely be a plus as the panel will view you as a team player.

#4 - What is your greatest strength?

Picture this as a question that you can use to strength the skills and expertise explained in your resume. It is totally fine to mention two or three attributes that are related to the job. Some of the best examples include positive attitude, enthusiasm, attention to detail, eager to learn and the list is endless. Be ready to give some examples to illustrate these virtues. For example, describe a situation or project that you managed to complete by being optimistic and focused to achieve expected end results.

#3 - What is your biggest weakness?

Truth be told, no one is perfect hence stating that you have no weakness is outright wrong. Give a realistic flaw that may have little or no impact on your performance if hired. Go a step further to explain measures that you have taken to overcome this weakness. Bottom line; this is a question that is designed to give panel a clear picture of your attitude and perception hence be very careful not to give the wrong impression.

#2 - Which kind of decision do you find most challenging and difficult to take?

Well, there is no wrong or right answer to this question as each person has different mental capabilities. Most employers strongly believe that one’s past behavior has direct impact on their performance and ability to deliver the expected results in future. Basically, the panel wants to get a clear understand of what you perceive to be difficult. Now that you know this question might be asked, take time to internalize and identify the most appropriate answer. It should be understandable, honest and realistic.

#1 - Would you be willing to relocate to different country if need arises?

You will never miss this question especially when looking for job in an international organization or company. There is no need to say yes just to entice the panel to hire you if indeed you know that you are not willing to relocate. Be honest when answering this question. For example, say no but explain other scenarios that you would accept the transfer. The goal is to show that you are versatile and ready to start working with the company.

For more job interview questions and appropriate answers, contact professional career coaches. They have vast knowledge and hands-on experience to help you make informed decision.