Mastering Effective Communication – Preview Video

April 30, 2015

Hi and welcome! I hope you are excited to dive into the learning material within this course. In the following video lectures we are going to learn about how to improve communication skills. This course will set a framework of learning so that you are able to understand the structures and foundations inherent in communication. The information in this course will help you to:

  • Become a more effective communicator in the workplace
  • Change how you approach conversations with your family and your community
  • Develop and improve your communication skills as a leader
  • Notice what kind of conversations you are in and take control of them

Each of us is a human being. We live in cities throughout the world. We work in careers to support our families and communities. Everyday, each of us must interact, communicate and coordinate action with other human beings. This is something we absolutely cannot avoid!

This course will teach you to communicate as a leader, to communicate with presence by showing up in powerful and distinctive ways. Learning, applying and practising the material in the upcoming lectures will help you to have effective conversations.

It is absolutely critical, at this point in time, to improve our communication skills. We communicate in a variety of ways including email, SMS, instant messaging, telephone, mobile phone, in person and live chatting. What is common to all of the mediums of communication is language. We mostly use language to speak and listen in conversations.

What I’m about to share with you in this course is a new way of looking at communication, a new way of looking at language. This course is based on Ontological Coaching and Ontological Learning methods. Throughout this course we take a look at the foundations and structures not only in linguistic communication but also in emotional and somatic communication. This is a powerful and holistic approach to conversations and communication that I believe will change the way you show up in life.

I hope you are curious and ready to participate in this course now! Take care and I’ll see you in the next video. Click here to learn more about this e course…