Welcome And A Few Announcements

October 20, 2015

Hi and welcome to the new look of the website. I’m slowly migrating data from the old site onto the new site so please bear with me as you see some of these changes in navigation and changes in the backend and all sorts of other changes!

If there is anything that you see like navigation issues, missing images, broken links and so on, that I missed, then please let me know and I will get to it!

With that being said I am quite excited to announce to you the presence of my new website thedharmacoach.com. As you can see this site retains most of the articles from the previous site. With this site I’m going to be exploring new topics here that are more in tune with the kind of service offerings that I have for you.

One thing that I’m very excited to announce is the launch of the store with the E-courses leading to my current offerings on udemy.com. I hope to be incorporating that further into more robust course offerings that I offer in-house to my clients and to you.

So thank you again for being with me through the transition and I look forward to writing more articles in the near future. Take care and I will see you very soon. Bye-bye for now.