Welcome To 2016!

January 4, 2016

Hi and welcome to this video in this video. In this video I want to welcome you to 2016 and hope that you have a wonderful and productive year ahead.

Now taking a look back at 2015:

  • How was it for you?
  • How were your conversations and how were the results of those conversations?
  • Did you feel that those results could have been more positive?
  • How would you have brought those new possibilities into your life?

And that’s what I want to ask you moving into 2016.

  • What new possibilities, what new conversations, do you see for yourself?

Personal Promises

For myself personally 2015 was—well it had a lot of challenges that’s sure—and I came out of 2015 into 2016 right now. And I’ve made a promise to myself. And this is a promise and a commitment to action to create something for myself that is valuable.

And for me what that means is: I have time and that I make time to take care of myself physically, to take care of myself emotionally, to take care of myself mentally and, very importantly, to take care of myself in a spiritually.

What About You?

I don’t know what it means for you but that’s what I want to ask you.

  • What theme do you want to focus on for 2016?
  • And how do you envision those conversations that you’re going to have to get the results that you want for 2016?

So one of the things that I like to do—you know, working with the Ontological Coaching methods and the two models of the OAR and the BEL—is I like to work very much with the linguistic component, the speech acts.

Because I find that when you have great communication and that is to say when you have great verbal skills as well as non verbal skills you get to create conversations that mean something, that you can declare satisfaction with.

And that’s truly important because what satisfies you is going to be different from what satisfies me and what satisfies other people in conversations that you engage in. And once again the theme for myself is to ensure satisfaction. Which means being clear about it, being articulate about what it is that create satisfaction within those conversations.

I hope this is been helpful and I hope that you have a wonderful and bountiful 2016 ahead. So take care of yourself, have a beautiful day and I’ll definitely see you in the next video.

Bye-bye for now!