Working With A Career Advisor

February 17, 2015

Career advisors work mainly with job seekers and students on job searches. Various assessments and skill based tests are usually given so as to help the job seekers develop proper career plans. Career advisors may also work for educational institutions, various government agencies, staffing agencies and non-profit organizations.They also help the students choose or select which career path is best by asking questions & providing the relevant information.

Some professionals work in schools to help guide students towards career paths which match their skills and personal preferences. Others work in various organizations in HR roles to provide services to internal employees. These internal employees may be seeking a career change or transitions. Career advisors are also popularly known-as vocational counselors, employment counselors or career counselors.

Career Advisor Use Assessment Tools

By using a various tools, including questionnaires, interviews and personality & aptitude tests, a career counselor helps their client determine which field and which job is best for their specific set of skills & interests. In certain cases, a career counselor also helps clients develop a proper resume, cover letter and interviewing skills, & sets up career-fairs & job shadowing.

A career counselor will interview the job seeker and ask a series-of questions so as to help the job seeker with the job search. The advisor will learn much more about the seekers’ employment experience, the education he/she has obtained & his/her career goals.The information will then be used in developing a career & educational plan for that client. The advisor will also gather more information about the client interests, his/her values, skills & preferences so as to find the very best suited job opportunities.

Career Advisors Identify Barriers

They’ll identify barriers which the job seeker might have which might prevent him/her from achieving his/her goals. Once that barrier(s) is identified, they might then offer various resources in order to assist the individual seeking the job. They’ll offer guidance so as to determine the client(s) best career path. The career specialists basically helps the client(s) to translate the transferable skills in case the client(s) is changing his/her career. Once a good career path has been determined, they’ll work together to set goals & timelines for reaching each of them.

Career Advisors Develop Relationships

Career advisors develop and maintain relationships with community organizations, employers and individuals who are seeking career changes. They’ll typically market the clients to the employers who have positions within the organization which match their specific skills. They can also join organizations which create opportunities-for networking.

Career Advisor As Coach

In case you’re struggling to choose or find a proper direction in a career, it might be worthwhile contacting a good advisor. In certain cases, you might be able to acquire career advising services-for free by simply contacting the college alumni-office or the local department of labor-career center. You should be prepared to honestly-assess your ambitions, your skills and your interests through various interviews & tests. In certain cases, you might need pay a certain fee for various aptitude or/and personality tests. In case you have been looking-for a job with no success for some time, you should a visit an advisor for a proper resume and cover letter critique which may be helpful.