Communication Activities For Team Building

December 28, 2014

Team communication is what binds team members together. Effective communication enhances manifold in team building due to the larger number of those involved each having varied perceptions and different viewpoints. Without proper communication, there will be no successful personal or professional relationship among employees. Therefore, the role played by team communication activities in helping forge this relationship cannot be underestimated. Thus, to enhance communication and improve bonding, check out the following communication activities mentioned here.

Trust Walk

During this activity, the participant is blindfolded then led to the edge of an obstacle course through which the other team members are asked to guide him and keep him safe. The game is often played in pairs, but can also be done in groups with multiple members guiding the blindfolded individual. The fun is this game comes where instead of touching the blindfolded member, the guiding group only issues verbal instructions to help their colleague avoid the obstacles. This activity aims at portraying the importance of clear trust and communication among team members.

Talking in Circles

This group activity involves nurturing good communication among team members. All the participants are placed in a circle around a string. Each member is required to grasp the string with both hands while holding it waist high. With their eyes closed and without letting go, the group must form shapes with the string. It can be a square, a figure eight, a triangle or even a rectangle. For them to do this, all the members of the group will have to communicate and listen well. They can be periodically allowed to stop, open their eyes and see their progress.


As the name suggests, the game entails allowing team members to perceive different scenarios and put forth their varied viewpoints through proper communication. When conduction this activity, a picture is passed around that the members asked to give their perception about it. Every personal viewpoint helps provide more insight about each individual making up the team. the activity also help demonstrate how each employee reacts and performs to come up with unique problem solving methods in group tasks.

Drumming Workshop

This is an indoor activity where team members are taught the playing of drums and listening. The activity is sort of a psychological one and often done to enhance communication and listening skills among team members.

Zoom and Re-Zoom

During this game, a series of pictures that combine to tell a story are used. These pictures are shuffled and handed out to all the participating employees. Each participant must put the pictures in order without showing them to others. Instead, they are required to describe verbally what is happening in the picture. The main goal of this activity is to emphasize the importance of understanding, patience and effective group communication skills.

All these communication activities are meant to create cohesion in your teams. Working with a leadership development coach who can facilitate and organize such communication activities can be an effective way to increase team cohesion within your organization. So make the call and get a good expert to help you build a team characterized by effective communication, top-notch collaboration and understanding.