Ontological Coaching – Wrap Up

January 8, 2016

Hi and welcome to this video. In this video I want to wrap up this week’s videos. We began with an introduction to 2016. Now this is a leap year so you get one extra day to take care of all the things that you need to take care of, to have powerful in conversations, and open up new possibilities of action.

Following that, on Tuesday and Wednesday we introduced the value of Ontological Coaching and especially as it speaks to the spiritual nature of your being. And it speaks to that observer, the one that looks out from behind your eyes to interpret the world in its own unique and wonderful way.

Then we talked about the generative power of language and how really language, not only is historical and descriptive, it also has the power to generate a “hoped for future.” And this is some of the things that I really love to do, especially when I work my clients to create something that has meaning and value for them.

And so then after that, we went and talked about good communication skills and how very important the non verbal communication skills are as well is the verbal communication skills. Now one of the things that you may have noticed on this channel, is the number of videos that I have talking about the speech acts and emphasizing the need to ensure that you know which of the speech acts you use in your conversations. And the reason is this: the power of language, like I mentioned before, is extremely generative.

So when you know what kind a conversation you’re in. and what kind of speech acts that you use in those conversations, new possibilities open up. And when you have new possibilities, then you have the ability to determine what becomes satisfactory for you, what meaning you provide to that, and what value you’re going to get from the outcome.

And you know one of the things that I really enjoy a lot is sharing with my clients, sharing with those I come into contact with, the value of knowing what emotion and what mood you are in when you’re entering conversations. And actually doesn’t have to be able conversations but noticing what it is that you surround yourself with. And also that language that you used internally, inside your head, and how you describe that.

And this is- again it’s- it’s really critical! And it speaks again to that magic of that unique observer that you are. And it speaks to the value of Ontological Coaching and the methodologies employed therein to essentially show up and presence in your life. To show up and stand like a leader. To show up and come to all of your conversations with possibilities. To come into conversations with the emotion of curiosity and to take charge of them so that you can have something fulfilling, something wonderful, and meaningful in your life.

I hope 2016 has gotten off to a wonderful start for you. Take care of yourself, have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you in the next video!

Bye-bye for now!