Welcome To 2016!

Hi and welcome to this video in this video. In this video I want to welcome you to 2016 and hope that you have a wonderful and productive year ahead. Now taking a look back at 2015: How was it for you? How were your conversations and how were the results of those conversations? Did you feel that those results could have been more positive? How would you have brought those new possibilities into your life?

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Welcome And A Few Announcements

Hi and welcome to the new look of the website. I’m slowly migrating data from the old site onto the new site so please bear with me as you see some of these changes in navigation and changes in the backend and all sorts of other changes! If there is anything that you see like navigation issues, missing images, broken links and so on, that I missed, then please let me know and I will get to it!

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Featured on Online Learning Podcast!

I had the great pleasure of being featured on John Colley’s “Online Learning Podcast.” On the show, John and I talk about a few things including: How emotions affect communication How emotions affect your body shape Why Communication skills are about education and learning Why we can have different interpretations of the same conversation Why conversation and communication skills is not about talking Why you need to learn the difference between “Learning” and “Knowing” How to become effective communicators What is meant by OAR – Obsever, Actions Results [s3mv fileName=‘podcasts/OLP104.

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